Direct Insights into the Health and Wellbeing of a


Address issues as early and targeted as possible. This way you ensure that every child is comfortable. At the same time you increase the well-being of the community.

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1. Signaling

  • Identifying vulnerable children within a 1-hour class
  • Mapping the specific vulnerabilities of every child
  • Generating clear reports for every child, group, and school

2. Interventions

  • Are aimed at the retardation or vulnerability of the child
  • Can be carried out at group level and school level
  • Can be easily co-opted into the (gym) class program

3. Effects

  • Measure the impact of your approach, short and long-term
  • Substantiate and analyze your gym classes, programs, and policy based on data

Mobility is Key

A child with motor skills will participate with the actions of others, is included in the group, and therefore feels good about themselves. If a child’s motor skills are not up to the normal level, it will influence his/her future on a social and cognitive level, as well as having ramifications for their health in the long term. Mobility is therefore an important indicator of the overall health and wellbeing of a child.

Validated and proven effective

Providing insight into motor development happens with the 4ST; the most used and valid testing method, developed by authorities in the field of the mobility and movement of children, Wim van Gelder and Hans Stroes. The 4ST provides insight in the 4 components of mobility: jumping power, jumping coordination, hand-eye coordination and balance. This testing method, used in conjunction with the associated interventions, has been intensively developed for years and validated based on studies using large groups of children.

More than 100,000 children are currently building strength, thanks to Stimuliz

Quick and easy

Get an overview of the entire classroom in one single gym session.

Scientifically validated

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences researched the approach using a test group of more than 5,000 children.

AVG Proof

Your data is safe with us. We advise you about the steps to be followed.

Convenient entry on tablet or desktop

Data can be added swiftly during a gym class.

A comprehensive image of wellbeing

BMI, Sports Participation, Fears, and Shuttle run.

Pedagogically justified

Children do not experience any pressure to perform, but instead enjoy the session because testing takes place using a game format.

The health of our children is under pressure. The figures:

The health of our children is under pressure. The figures:

  • 50% do not exercise enough
  • 23% have a motor retardation
  • 17% are overweight
  • 40% are bullied because of this

When you have such problems at a young age, it is almost impossible to solve them alone. 80% of children with these problems experience consequences at a later age as a result. Think of heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, and psychiatric problems, with all their consequences in terms of well-being and healthcare costs. Therefore, it is necessary that we start as early as possible in life to intervene and make adjustments before it is too late.

If a child is not feeling good about themselves, learning is a hopeless mission

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